Automation in retail: combination of NFC, QR and Beacons

Beacons marketing. Boost your sales

A brief history of advertising and its evolution since the paper was made

  In 105 AD Paper was invented from cotton by Tsai Lunem in China. In 1704 we got the first newspaper advertisement in the US posted in the Boston News-Letter by someone who was seeking a buyer. In 1843 was opened the first advertising agency in Philadelphia. In 1999 Internet advertising breaks the $2 billion mark and heads toward $3 billion! After about 2000 years, humanity has moved forward in many industries and technologies. Most of the old-fashioned busines >> Read More

A short review on Advertising Services

In the competitive and capital-intensive world, the advertising plays an important role. Advertising is a way to reveal someone's business or showcase one’s products or services. Every business owner wants to offer the consumers a vast choice in terms of what they are offered and what they can choose to buy. We used to think that successful advertising means spending millions of dollars set aside for the advertising campaigns. Times are changing. There a >> Read More

Beacons and Mobile Ads Service Tips

Mobile advertising is becoming more and more popular today. Creation of the mobile advertising campaigns and acquire new customers is not a dream now even for small businesses. And we can say even more! Brick-and-mortar retailers, particularly independently-owned small businesses, can be good competitors to online sales by using Beacons and Proximity Marketing technologies. Do you want to acquire engaged n >> Read More

Promote your business in a gym at the expense of the someone’s offers - sports partnership!

We are excited to offer a new type of cooperation in the mobile marketing area. We believe that working with us will allow your business to become a part of a new market of mobile advertising and wireless technologies. We offer a partnership that not only can promote your business but also help to create an advertising chain in cooperation with another sports companies. So far, most companies haven’t yet figured out how to >> Read More

Mobile advertising service as an innovative type of advertising

    We are sure that mobile advertising will be very effective for your store. Your potential clients are literally around the corner. Do you plan an effective mobile advertising campaign that can get them in your door and increase their sales? Don't miss out on great opportunities to connect with your customers - run a mobile advertising campaign, if you still never did it before! Take just a few minutes and become a familiar with the most significant benefit >> Read More