Automation in retail: combination of NFC, QR and Beacons

Beacons marketing. Boost your sales

Nearby Connections short product review

  The new feature that allows phones and tablets to connect automatically with devices and places got a name - Nearby Connection. It works very close around them and let people sharing the information easily with others or receive deals from stores that they're in. Nearby was developed by Google for users in order to interact with what’s around them. It really helps people to interact with services and devices close to them. Nearby works within about 30 m or 100 ft. >> Read More

In-store advertising and smart tags

In-Store Marketing is the art for true experts! The improving of the shopper experience and raising average checkout tickets for brick and mortar retail stores is a very popular business area for today. Our today’s message is about the efficient and easy-to-use tools that help retail stores increase average sales and profits. And we are not saying about the benefit of an effective in-store marketing campaign only. But if you do it correctly, these campaigns will raise consumer loyalty, brand awareness, and purchase frequency. Do you want to get a result of >> Read More

In-store advertising: benefits of using beacons in retail

As savvy retailers, we always worry about finding the cheapest way to maximize our profits. That means we are looking for the best ideas of smart marketing and very often we’ve been stopped by the stereotype that professional marketing is too expensive or others may be stuck with other old fashion “label” that it’s too time-consuming. Every expert in the market area will agree that the best marketing is most effective if all the details of your strategy work in coordination with each other. And one of the central parts of every marketing >> Read More

A brief history of advertising and its evolution since the paper was made

  In 105 AD Paper was invented from cotton by Tsai Lunem in China. In 1704 we got the first newspaper advertisement in the US posted in the Boston News-Letter by someone who was seeking a buyer. In 1843 was opened the first advertising agency in Philadelphia. In 1999 Internet advertising breaks the $2 billion mark and heads toward $3 billion! After about 2000 years, humanity has moved forward in many industries and technologies. Most of the old-fashioned busines >> Read More

A short review on Advertising Services

In the competitive and capital-intensive world, the advertising plays an important role. Advertising is a way to reveal someone's business or showcase one’s products or services. Every business owner wants to offer the consumers a vast choice in terms of what they are offered and what they can choose to buy. We used to think that successful advertising means spending millions of dollars set aside for the advertising campaigns. Times are changing. There a >> Read More