In-store advertising: benefits of using beacons in retail

As savvy retailers, we always worry about finding the cheapest way to maximize our profits. That means we are looking for the best ideas of smart marketing and very often we’ve been stopped by the stereotype that professional marketing is too expensive or others may be stuck with other old fashion “label” that it’s too time-consuming.

Every expert in the market area will agree that the best marketing is most effective if all the details of your strategy work in coordination with each other. And one of the central parts of every marketing campaign is a promotion. You'll never be successful without paying attention to how you present your company, business or service to your potential customers, which way you choose to announce who you are and what you sell. To enhance the above efforts you can choose different ways and that is the most important decision you have to make today.

Every promotion can be provided with additional signage, newspaper/radio/TV ads, big boards, light boxes and displays ads, flyers and leaflets. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to devote as much time to marketing as you need to be the most effective and competitive. To support that effort, you need to find good retail marketing ideas to increase sales and get more loyal customers.

However, FDH.Cloud platform developed a modern Google cloud-based solution for you to market more efficiently.

What do we have for you?

  1. We offer new services to reshape your customers' experience.
  2. We give you a solution how to enter new markets.
  3. We help you to get the same limitless control of crafting a customer experience as in an online marketplace.
  4. We show you the way to collect detailed real-time data to predict how customers will shop as they shop.
  5. We offer you a mobile-friendly ads formats.

To be more specific about our services: We will help you to develop beacon-based business models and strategies that fit your marketing segment to engage new customers. You can broadcast messages to mobile users without interrupting them from their business while they will be informed about your marketing offers. There is no need to install apps on user’s mobile device because we use BLE (Bluetooth Light Energy) technologies that allow us sending notifications over Bluetooth turned ON. Also, you can manage your beacons over the phone, change time as well as content settings. Our beacons are compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone Beacons! It means they will be constantly scanning for Bluetooth devices nearby, they are simple to implement, they have not a just built-in feature to broadcast a signal for ‘authorized clients’ but can send public signal also to be detected by any device. You always can set up your own in-store or online store campaign using even more other options that we already mentioned.

The platform has been set up specifically to launch an advertising campaign on the mobile.

A little bit more about the beacons technologies and how you can change your business using them:

  • Fully-automated service will help you to broadcast the information that helps users make decisions or perform actions!
  • Analytics system based on Google Analytics will allow you to easily coordinate your advertising campaign!
  • It’s a cost-effective solution, while the number of potential advertisements broadcasted by beacon is unlimited.
  • Beacons allow you to collect massive amounts of data, analyze it and offer “personal” deals to each user in order to create specific loyalty programs.

Choosing FDH.Cloud platform you'll get the most from beacon technologies and mobile device-enabled store associates. Contact us to receive a free quote. We provide round-the-clock technical support for our clients.