Nearby Connections short product review


The new feature that allows phones and tablets to connect automatically with devices and places got a name - Nearby Connection. It works very close around them and let people sharing the information easily with others or receive deals from stores that they're in. Nearby was developed by Google for users in order to interact with what’s around them. It really helps people to interact with services and devices close to them. Nearby works within about 30 m or 100 ft.

There is no more need if you want to play around Bluetooth, or log into some app or tap them together and wait for NFC does the rest. Today, if you want to get two Android devices talking to each other you have to install and use apps that happen to implement Nearby. Nearby uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and audio. These three different signals help us to determine when two devices are close enough to be connected.


Let’s see shortly how these signals are acting:

       1. What happens when Nearby uses Wi-Fi to share and collaborate in apps?

Actually, Wi-Fi compares the list of Wi-Fi access points that each device can see and it doesn’t connect two devices directly. Wi-Fi detects devices that can interact with places and it’s a good sign when the devices are close or on the same access point.

       2. Nearby also uses low-power Bluetooth in order to detect broadcasts around the specific device.

Bluetooth is transmitting a special token which can be recognized and seen by other devices.

       3. To share and collaborate in apps can use an inaudible sound to detect devices around your device.

The audio component is the most interesting way of Nearby implementation. It this case Nearby allows phones to emit ultrasonic sound. Generally, it is imperceptible to humans, these notifications are silent but there are people though that can hear a short buzz. The sound can be detected by the microphone on other phones and tablets. It means that the devices are in close proximity. Notifications are clear automatically.

Some more interesting facts about Nearby:

With Nearby on your phone, you can do different interesting and useful things. You can make an order in a cafe, find items in a store, or set up a new device.

Each on your own phones, you, family members, your friends or even coworkers can play games or collaborate in apps.


Even small amounts of Wi-Fi or mobile data will be helpful for Nearby to found a necessary information about detected broadcasts or for shared apps. The user has only to install and use apps that happen to implement Nearby. No settings that will bother you! Today you can get Nearby via Google Play Services. It is present on all modern Android devices with Google Play services 7.8.0 or higher!

So, what your first steps to start using the Nearby?

Set notifications turned on and you'll get a silent notification of what your device can do for you there. You have to tap the notification in order to launch the offered action. If your notifications are turned off you have, first, to open your device’s settings app,

tap Google and then Nearby. Then you can launch the offered action by tapping the entry.

How to use Nearby on your phones we will let you know in our next article!

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