Automation in retail: combination of NFC, QR and Beacons

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Electronic Shelf Label: improve your store performance with Smart Price Tags management system

  Electronic Shelf Label technology is known today as an invention that provides price and other information in retail stores. Electronic Shelf Label it is like a smart price tags management system! In our case, it relates to attaching to consumer goods in retail stores. The first ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) appeared almost 20 years ago on the market and created a real sensation in the approach to pricing. It was like a price tag retail revolution! The ma >> Read More

6 reasons businesses should invest in beacons now

  It allows businesses to REACH OUT TO CUSTOMERS at their moment of truth Today it has become increasingly critical for retailers and brands to be able to meet today’s hyper-connected consumers on their terms, across all channels of interaction, by serving their ever-changing needs, preferences and in-store behaviors. At the same time, it is equally important for marketers to know exactly what kind of offers is their business sensitiv >> Read More