In-store advertising and smart tags

In-Store Marketing is the art for true experts! The improving of the shopper experience and raising average checkout tickets for brick and mortar retail stores is a very popular business area for today.

Our today’s message is about the efficient and easy-to-use tools that help retail stores increase average sales and profits. And we are not saying about the benefit of an effective in-store marketing campaign only. But if you do it correctly, these campaigns will raise consumer loyalty, brand awareness, and purchase frequency. Do you want to get a result of making stores easier to shop and strengthening the brand message of the store? So, stay with us next 2-3 minutes to learn more about it!

We want to share with you the advantages of proximity marketing solutions: Electronic Shelf Label, Bluetooth Low Energy, and beacon technologies. The first one, ESL, is known today as an invention that provides the customer with price and other product or service information in retail stores. It contains more advanced options and configurations than conventional price tags and even a regular unidimensional barcode. This technology gives you an easy access to product or service information through your smartphone and has a significantly greater storage in comparison with its predecessors.

We created the system that consists two basic components: NFC and QR codes. The first is scanned by phones that have such parameters like a chip, and QR will be scanned by the iPhone and other smartphones without NFC.

The improvements in smart labels mentioned above, NFC (Near Field Communication) and  QR codes, are the most common the most-used tools in the retail marketing right now. QR codes provide easy access to information through a smartphone. QR codes have become popular because of its fast readability. QR codes are a smart integration of print and mobile marketing. It allows creating an exciting new opportunity for communication between stores’ owners and their consumers. That is why we offer to try integrating them into your business’s marketing strategy. NFC technology allows transferring the information instantly using the smartphone near the NFC tag area.  There is no need to open an app or wait for analysis. The transactions are proceeding quickly and securely because the tag and reader communicate with each other to complete the task.

We have statistics from other companies that have already implemented such automated systems in retail. Therefore, we can safely assume that this will work for any kind of business for its good. We give a tool that will help you increase sales and profit. While you use it and learn how it works, we - the consultants, will analyze the results and help you. We offer a low-cost effective system for improving your customers' experience and increasing your profit, why not try it! In other words, we offer a system that covers all aspects of the processes taking place in the store.

All components of the system are very individual: price tags, settings, system, automation.

We offer a tool that can:

- Automate actions.

- Manage prices remotely.

- Helps to build an effective loyalty program

- Gives an opportunity to accumulate bonuses for the purpose of exchange/sale/charity.

With this automated system, you have the ability to automatically monitor prices, balances, you can change prices in the whole store with a single click of a button, for example on seasonal holidays you can make the specific category of products 10% cheaper or more expensive in 1.5 seconds (for example: sweets before the New Year or souvenirs before Christmas, or turkey before the Thanksgiving day, etc).

If the store owner is looking for a tool to be protected of an unscrupulous client or persons associated with such a client and concerned of the increased number of thefts, there is a BJ network where customers' bags are being checked. When people go through the self-service, there is a person who is checking everything at the exit. This is ten times faster than standing in line to the cashier and customers are willing to use it. We have different options on demand, we can even make a mixed (hybrid) payment option.

System integration occurs through API and it is completely free of charge by itself, then the cost goes approximately $1 per month for every smart tag. But there are different systems with custom integration options on demand. Integration with the POS system is a paid service and its cost depends on the type of system. For example, we use IPA, so the integration can be proceeded by your vendor, or, another variant, we can do it ourselves, if you decide that it is more profitable for you. Integration and our service is a custom option as an addition to smart price tags, that can take up to 6 months.

If the product price changes several times over a certain period, the cost of the system and the price tag change process are included in the payment that is $ 1 per month. The system itself will change the price according to the requirements you added to the system, so you can do all configurations using your smartphone and broadcasting all notifications through your online personal cabinet. We also can even pull out information from the price list - it is a custom paid service.

The system is completely autonomous. It was tested on weather conditions that are changing: when there was a warning about the cold and rainy weather coming, the system itself raised the price in the store on specific products by 10% based on these alerts. These results enable us to apply the same model in the different areas of activity. Similarly, we can adjust the system to any signals, for example, price fluctuations in the market. You will not lose anything if we test the system on one shelf.

Paper price tags can be right near the smart price tags, or you can stick smart tags on the top of paper ones. If you decide to hang smart price tags next to the paper tags, the system will report on which paper price tags are necessary to change at this time. We put the maximum price on the paper price tag, while a smart price tag that is next to it - it will change. If the customer wants to see a special price, he should scan the smart price tag. If suddenly a client without a phone or does not want to scan the price tag, the product still will be calculated at the correct price during the payment transaction. The system can itself track how often and which exactly product is scanned and then we can use the collected information in creating the loyalty program.

The point is here, that you completely control the system yourself, and only you decide what actions to take. Sales automation helps you reduce costs and increase revenue. We precisely guarantee that it will reduce the time you would spend on the process of changing price tags manually and of course will save your money. Let's try! What stops you to try it starting with one shelf?

We offer you a system, that saves time, reduces costs and increases profits.