Proximity Marketing for catering

Proximity Marketing Technology is becoming more popular every day

There are a lot of new opportunities are opening up in everyday life as well as in business those are unrivalled, especially in their simplicity and technology cost. One of the tools you need to know is the proximity marketing technology that helps to create inexpensive effective marketing campaigns in different business areas. Proximity marketing means that the information has been broadcasted to the consumer at the right place, at the right time, in a relevant context. But proximity marketing does not refer only to pushing notifications to consumers with commercial and promotional content: sales, discounts, coupons, vouchers, product info, etc.

 The possibility to apply this technology in the restaurants, cafes, clubs and other institutions is caused by the opportunity to engage the most sophisticated customer. This technology allows you improve not only the appearance of the restaurant or the dishes cost, but also to enhance the customer experience, for example, table setting while the client is waiting for the order.

Today the average person prefers to spend its time perusing the menu (68% of visitors) or the restaurant's interior (21%) while waiting for the meal. But still, according to statistics, almost 80% of customers will use mobile phones or spend time on the Internet. 8 out of 10 visitors already saw what we are going to broadcast. platform features allow you to post content that consists of:

- restaurant website

- social networks pages

- menu

- manager or waiter call button

- service price list

- thematic video

- discount coupons for the next visit or corporate parties

and much more. It takes just a few minutes for user to set up all of these features and it can be done from a personal cabinet.

Mobile adveritisng platform dashboard - total control of your advertising campaign!

So, you do not need to monitor the prices relevance in the menu or change the design constantly. You can do everything online!

The service opportunities also allow integrating a free table interactive map or set up the time for broadcasting the special offers like business lunch (in the morning, at lunch or in the evening, for dinner - our platform will automatically change the type of advertising!

Technology does not stand still! We have added a fully integrated mobile apps, and now it does not matter if you have your own application for visitors, or you just think about its development - our developers (here you can throw links to our products, etc.) will help you create and run your own ad campaign, and make a product that your visitors will enjoy!