Mobile technology is nearby - why mobile phones is the head of progress?

Mobile technology is nearby! We live in a world where the progress keeps us moving forward. Maybe it is not always a plus for our business activity but saying about the popular today in retail world beacon device, which began as an apple size device - today they’re like stickers that can be placed on walls or objects. The smaller and less they are, the easier they become to use. Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology help retailers to deliver messages to their mobile devices. This is the power to revolutionize your customer experiences and make this technology is the future of your company.

Search for new opportunities and declare yourself! 

Every owner of a store or another institution using beacons discovered that the platform opportunities allow broadcasting content to mobile phones with absolutely no distraction for users. We care about everyone's personal space. Our service allows broadcasting the notifications to Notification panel without distracting the mobile phone user from working on the phone.

But everyone wants his offer being noticed, right?

Great success always started with small steps. We offer to post these stickers in your store, so every visitor will be able not only to see that you are following to keep up with technology trends but also working on making the service experience much better.

We make the world a little better, and advertising - closer!