Exposition centers - Best beacons investments!


A long time ago in 2015 Google gets closer to launching its own line of smart devices, which later became known as BLE-devices (Bluetooth light energy). It was the beginning of the Era of Exchange of Information between the person, the location where he is, and its mobile device. Today beacon technology is changing the way consumers interact with companies or businesses. Every day developers are trying to make these devices more helpful and revolutionizing in order to help, for example, the retail marketers measure the offline impact of online ads - they call it beacon advertising system. Retailers also use smart price tags,  to improve customer satisfaction, etc. These small simple devices can be used in different areas of business.

Exposition infromation - no more tags and banners, all the expo will be in your mobile!

Just imagine the situation. You came to the Exposition center for the exhibition and look at the stand. Of сourse, it is well decorated, but will it be convenient for you to consider it if there are many people around? If you want to get your personal consultation you have to wait your turn and then ask the consultant. It's boring!

We made a step forward! Using  FDH.cloud beacons marketing Services gives you much more opportunities than just an advertising coupon. Let's play around this situation again.

So, let's try one more time. You came to the Exposition center for the exhibition. There are a lot of people and you see well-designed stands all over around, consultants, music is playing. You receive an interactive exhibition map on your smartphone. Yes, the exhibition manager takes care of the visitors. You found the stand on the map, You found the stand on the map, just the right one you needed, came closer ... and voila! When the table is a few steps away, suddenly you noticed that you already have all the needed information on your phone. And the service even knows that your name is Dan, and it is the third time you come here (of course, if you are a member of applications club).

We live in a world that is constantly changing. New interests, technologies, and traces of culture are coming up.

Front Desk Helpers Company set a goal to look a little further into the future. Exposition manager also appreciates the time and comfort of his visitors. Therefore, we will try to make this world and your next visit a little better!