Beacons and Mobile Ads Service Tips

A little bit more about Beacons and  Mobile Ads Service

Mobile advertising is becoming more and more popular today. Creation of the mobile advertising campaigns and acquire new customers is not a dream now even for small businesses. And we can say even more! Brick-and-mortar retailers, particularly independently-owned small businesses, can be good competitors to online sales by using Beacons and Proximity Marketing technologies. Do you want to acquire engaged new customers by creating an effective inexpensive mobile advertising campaign? Do it with our universal system that will allow you to build a mobile-technology-based business at minimum costs. We use beacons technologies to attract and retain customers. offers services that can make your customer’s experience better and will help your business enter new markets in order to engage new customers. You can use beacons for location-based services as well as online marketing. We will help you to develop beacon-based business models and strategies that fit your marketing segment to attract new customers.

We offer you a mobile-friendly ads formats. Mobile users will receive messages without being interrupted from their business while they will be informed about your marketing offers. They do not have to install apps on their mobile devices. Using BLE (Bluetooth Light Energy) technologies we can broadcast content over Bluetooth turned ON. You can manage your beacons over the phone and change time and content settings.

So, in order to start this fascinating journey into the world of modern mobile marketing - you have just to buy your first beacons! There are different beacons’ manufacturers and you can choose the one we offer you or try another one you want. Just one thing you have to remember - choose the appropriate device that is compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone Beacons.

The certain information will be programmed in your beacons and they will be sent to you. After that, the system creates an account and you receive an access to it via email.

Since this moment you can start sending your advertising direct to mobile screens of your customers. You can also design your own custom advertising campaigns, to collect detailed statistics about customers interest, develop loyalty programs for your clients and use these devices for many other different purposes.

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