4 ways to attract new clients and keep their attention

Where did beacon technology begin? We can start with the introduction of iBeacon that is simply a protocol that lets Bluetooth devices broadcast very small bits of information.Then Google, in 2015, Google came out with Eddystone, their iBeacon alternative. Since then, iBeacon and Eddystone are on the head of the proximity market. Now, beacon technology is continuing to develop giving us more diverse solutions. Beacons are already being used for tracking, navigation, interaction, security, analysis. And we will touch here the retail marketing activity area that is very interesting for retailers! We will talk about proximity technology as a really popular way in retail in order to engage new customers and retain the already existing ones!

4 ways to attract and keep your client's attention with non-standard ad types:

The real market revolution occurred when we got the opportunity to easily use mobile advertising! This article will help you to re-evaluate the use of beacons and an advertising platform in building an advertising campaign and attracting a potential client's attention much more quickly and efficiently.


Method 1: Use coupons!

This is a real opportunity to give your customer a discount and, moreover, to send it on client's mobile phone immediately, what will give your business the edge over your competitors. Use coupons and take the advantage of connecting the push-notifications to your service as well. In the future, it will create your own customer database with individual discounts! Coupons are a very flexible tool for not only broadcasting pictures: using our platform, you can broadcast videos, links, sheets, buttons, etc. It is a real infographic!

Mobile advertising example - FDH.cloud deals coupon

Method 2: Push-notifications:

If you've already heard about the advertising platform with using the beacons, for sure, you know that each phone has its own personal UID, and we know how to use it!

Once a customer visits your coupon and reviewing it, he is invited to subscribe to the service and remain a subscriber for a long time to get advantageous offers! If the user agrees, its UID will be stored in the FDH.cloud database and since this moment you can send it unique offers even though he is not in the beacon area! It's a real miracle!

Send free web-push messages and promote your business!

Method 3: Clone your URLs

Each beacon allows you to broadcast any desired target content. Our platform extends its capabilities: with us, you can broadcast around a huge number of different offers and coupons!

Create unique advertising campaigns, combine several different ads in one beacon - all of these is now available!

Is your friend a business owner as well, but did not hear about our service yet? It takes a minute only to upload your friend's advertisement into your personal cabinet and voila! Now you are able to resell its advertising and that's the time to talk about income.

Broadcast any of your desire content to mobile screen - boost your sales!

Method 4: Sell your advertising!

Why limit yourself? Are you the owner of a small cafe or kiosk in a very busy place? Or, perhaps, you have a friend working near the subway entrance in the pavilion with periodicals? Feel like a marketer! Thousands of views are available with the Proximity marketing feature.  Every day the technology simplifies and become more available and prevalent. Now you can use the platform for a large number of messages. So, if you have the advertising place with your beacon near the metro you always can offer it to someone. Thus, you will be able to get not just  a return on your investments into our platform and even earn on it!

Sticker for entrance door. Be different, attract new customers using mobile advertising platform

Do not limit yourself standard marketing methods! Mobile advertising and the fdh.cloud platform discovers the opportunities of the future now!