6 reasons businesses should invest in beacons now

 Beacon and mobile phone

  1. It allows businesses to REACH OUT TO CUSTOMERS at their moment of truth

Today it has become increasingly critical for retailers and brands to be able to meet today’s hyper-connected consumers on their terms, across all channels of interaction, by serving their ever-changing needs, preferences and in-store behaviors. At the same time, it is equally important for marketers to know exactly what kind of offers is their business sensitive to.

Using beacons, you will be involved in full-automated service to respond to customers' demands.

It can be any information that helps users make decisions or perform actions - which in the end will lead to customer satisfaction

  1. It allows them to OFFER PERSONALIZED SERVICES while respecting user privacy

According to a recent survey by Accenture, nearly 60% of U.S consumers agreed that they want a more personalized shopping experience with real-time promotions and offers. This is exactly what beacons are helping businesses achieve.

Your users will be happy with the care of them. A powerful analytics system based on Google Analytics will allow you to easily coordinate your advertising campaign with content to broadcast it in right place.

  1. It’s AFFORDABLE while being easy on maintenance

Being a hardware that is low in terms of both cost of investment and power required, beacons are very cost effective. Adding on to that, these proximity detection devices support a range of 60 meters.

Another nice advantage is the price. The price for FDH.cloud services of advertising campaign management through the website is $10 for one beacon URL. The number of potential advertisements broadcasted by beacon is unlimited. 

  1. It enables them to MAKE IMPACTFUL DECISIONS

Beacons provide businesses with endless opportunities to collect massive amounts of untapped data, such as the number of beacon hits and customer dwell time at a particular location within a specified time and date range, busiest hours throughout the day or week etc. Such detailed insights into customer data equip businesses for impactful decision-making.

Your customers will say for themselves by their actions. And using this data, you can offer “personal” deals to each user.

  1. It’s EASY TO SETUP and delivers impressive results

Once they are installed in the desired spot of operation, beacons will start pushing messages and display ad content such as images, videos, links, forms as soon as the user comes within the range of a beacon. Irrespective of the number of users who are in the range of the beacons at the same time, beacons can perform all proximity messaging tasks that have been assigned to them.

Our support team at (844)-295-0900 will help to make a right decision in customizing advertising company, and set up for maximum efficiency.

      6. Opens NEW OPPORTUNITIES to build an ad network

Starting with beacons, the possibilities of new relationships with users are opened.

Make personal offers from Web-push forms to your subscribers, and you will not wait until customer appears in the radius of the advertising campaign.

Next step is using the application Яrmarka - our own mobile application for iOS. 

Build a business on three platforms at once: proximity marketing (beacons) on FDH.cloud platform, send subscribers online-push messages and surprise them with the capabilities of an application that interacts with advertising platform!